This game was made for LUDUM DARE 45 in 3 days.

Theme: Start with Nothing.
Genre: Platformer
About: Everything you have is a tiny oil lamp.  Keep it burning! Dungeons are full of strange sounds! 
Software: Unity, Photoshop, FL Studio, TV Paint
Created by: Attu Games (Eva and Lukas)

A little making-of video showing the process of creating the game: 

known issues:

  • footsteps (and some other) sounds may not be working in WebGL version

Feel free to give us feedback. 

You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook.


Download 25 MB
Download 25 MB


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Love you so much


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That was a lot of fun! Took 25 minutes to beat but I was so satisfied at the ending! It ran smoothly on my integrated graphics laptop as well!

Thank you! I'm really glad you had fun and that the game runs smoothly. And really appreciate that you shared the video.


hi can u play my pixel puzzle game

Had a few problems but overall it was good.

Thanks a lot! 


This game  is awesome.

Thank you very much for featuring the game! Glay you had some fun! :)

Your game is AMAZING!! please keep up the great work.

How.... how 72hours?

I really liked this game, I made a small video about it right now on my Youtube channel!! Still playing Feudal Alloy by the way


Thanks a lot! And thank you for making and sharing the video! Really appreciated. :)

You are most welcome Lukas, I really admire both of you guys!! been following u ever since u made Feudal Alloy ♥ 

Deleted 302 days ago

Thank you!

Deleted 302 days ago

it was made for the current Ludum Dare 45 game jam in three days. But we’re a team of two, have some experience with this kind of games, worked about 16 hours a day on that, and the game is super tiny 😊


I was recommended your game and I really like the look of it and was wondering if I could play it on my YouTube channel?

Have a nice day!

Kimmy ^ . ^

Hi Kimmy,

of course, you can play it on your channel. We'd appreciate that. And it would be awesome if you put the video here then as well :)




Thank you for getting back to me and allowing me to record your game! I'll hopefully get the video up in the next couple of days and I'll post the link once it has been uploaded

^ . ^

I do apologize for taking so long to get a video up, but it is here. I hope that you enjoy it!

Thanks for the nice video!


That's okay! I had a blast playing it!

сложно и красиво

Thank you!

my pixel puzzle game

it's so hard!

Upon seeing this game for the first time, I wondered why it looks a lot like The Tutorial. However, this is because you guys also made that game. Now, the difficulty of this game is balanced better than that of The Tutorial. Though, I couldn't get past the part pictured below.

Really nice idea and feels polished and overall well executed! Great Job!


Thanks a lot!

Amazing game dev had alot of fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thank you for the nice gameplay video! 

I'm glad you liked it .